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Maia Panjikidze külügyminiszter Agreement between the Government of Hungary and the Government of Georgia on cooperation in the field of education, science and culture The Government of Hungary and the Government of Georgia, hereinafter referred to as the Parties, in order to enhance the bonds közös kezelés tbilisiben friendship existing between their two countries, to widen the links binding their people, to develop co-operation in educational, scientific, cultural domains, recognizing the benefits each of the two countries may gain as a result of consolidating bilateral co-operation in közös kezelés tbilisiben with the rules and regulations applied in each country, have agreed on the following: Article 1 The Parties shall encourage the exchange of visits of higher education officials, faculty members and scholars and shall establish co-operation between them in fields of common interest.

The Parties shall also encourage the exchange of delegations in scientific and cultural domains. Article 2 The Parties shall promote and encourage közös kezelés tbilisiben scientific and cultural relations between educational, cultural institutions and scientific research establishments as well as the exchange of faculty members, researches and scholars within available resources and opportunities.

Article 3 The Parties shall exchange expertise and knowledge in the scientific, technical and administrative fields between higher education institutions, universities and research centers.

Article 4 The Parties shall increase opportunities for training of the nationals of the other Party in higher education institutions in both countries notably in technical, medical and technological domains. Article 5 The Parties shall promote academic co-operation between higher education institutions in both countries közös kezelés tbilisiben exchange of information in the field of recognition of the periods of study, recognition and establishing equivalence of documents of education, equivalence of academic degrees for purposes of mutual recognition of these degrees.

The Parties shall also exchange data on their respective educational systems.


Article 6 The Parties shall promote contacts and exchanges in the field of literature, közös kezelés tbilisiben and musical art, cinematography, television and radio, architecture, book publishing, museum business and archives, and also between creative groups and in other fields of culture and art.

The Parties mutually encourage direct cooperation between their libraries.

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Article 7 The Parties shall encourage the organization of educational, scientific and cultural weeks and days in educational and cultural institutions of each country. These shall include the giving of lectures and the holding of seminars, book exhibitions and fairs, other forms of presenting the achievements of both countries. Article 8 The Parties shall agree to arrange various cultural and artistic activities and help each other within their capabilities, in particular when: organizing mutual visits of representatives of various fields közös kezelés tbilisiben culture for the purposes of cooperation, internships, exchanging experience; organizing concert tours of individual artists and artistic groups, concerts, performances, exhibitions and other cultural events; inviting participants to festivals and similar international shows which are hosted by one of the Parties.

Article 9 The Parties shall encourage the exchange of books, brochures, közös kezelés tbilisiben, documents, films and other materials and sources of information related to education, scientific research and cultural activities in both countries.

Article 10 The Parties shall encourage participation in local and international educational conferences, seminars, symposia, scientific and cultural workshops, and shall inform one közös kezelés tbilisiben about such events a sufficient period of time in advance of their start.


Article 11 The Parties, in accordance with the national laws of their countries, shall facilitate perusal and making use közös kezelés tbilisiben manuscripts, archives and historical documents and shall co-operate in the domain of archaeology and cultural heritage in their respective countries and shall exchange experts in this domain. Article 12 Each of the Parties shall encourage the translation and publishing of distinguished literary works produced by the other Party. Article 13 The Parties shall encourage the realization of methodological and pedagogical programmes necessary for the acquisition of the Georgian language on the territory of Hungary and the Hungarian language on the territory of Georgia, and the translation csigolyák közötti fájdalomkezelés publication of the corresponding educational and methodological literature.

Article 14 The Parties shall közös kezelés tbilisiben whenever necessary to sign the special agreements on co-operation between involved educational, scientific and cultural institutions of the two countries.

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Article 15 The Parties shall agree whenever necessary to hold consultations between the authorized representatives of the Parties to sign the executive programs, foreseeing the concrete measures and projects for the fulfilment of this Agreement and defining, where it is possible, the financial and other organizational terms in order to carry out events, provided by this Agreement and executive programs.

The terms of consultations and the list of authorized representatives shall be agreed by the Parties through diplomatic channels.

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Article 16 This Agreement shall enter into force on the fifteenth day after receiving the last notification by which the Parties inform each other through diplomatic channels that all their internal legal requirements necessary for the entry into force of the Agreement have been fulfilled. Commitments originating from the membership of Hungary in the European Union are not affected by the present Agreement.

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As a consequence of this, provisions of the present Agreement shall not be interpreted in a way that it would annul, amend or have any other effect on the commitments of Hungary originating especially from the treaties forming the basis of the European Union, as well as those commitments originating from the primary and secondary legislation of the European Union. This Agreement is valid for an indeterminate period of time.

The Agreement may be terminated by either of the Parties in written form, through diplomatic channels. In this case, the Agreement expires six months after receiving the notification about its termination.

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In the event this Agreement is terminated, its provisions shall continue to be implemented with respect to existing programmes and projects until they are completed. Changes and additions maybe introduced to the Agreement upon mutual consent of the Parties, which shall be formed as a separate document and enter into force in accordance with the same rule under which this Agreement enters into force.

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The document formed thereby, shall hogyan lehet kezelni az artritisz artrózisát a kezekben an integral part of this Agreement. This Agreement was signed in Tbilisi on 30 September in two originals in Hungarian, Georgian and English, that are all equally valid.

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In the event of any differences arising on the interpretations, the English text shall be applied. Hatályba lépett KüM közlemény alapján. KüM közlemény.